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Functional Fitness Training Center provides high caliber, research based, physical activity, fitness and sport training programs for individuals of all ages, abilities, disabilities and disabling health conditions. FFTC prepares individuals for real life activities of daily living. Whether you are an athlete wanting to improve your running speed, a weekend warrior recovering from an injury, a senior, someone living with a disability wanting to maintain quality of life, or someone new to exercise needing guidance to lose a few pounds, Functional Fitness Training Center will tailor a program for your specific lifestyle needs.

Functional Fitness Training Center will provide you with real life health and fitness benefits by incorporating sound, safe training principles based on assessment of your specific needs. You will learn postural awareness, proper biomechanics, efficient three dimensional movement patterns, to properly coordinate and sequentially fire muscle groups to work together increasing your strength, speed, power, agility flexibility, mobility, stability, endurance and neuromuscular efficiency.

The 3 P's

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  • Positive Results