Group Peronal Training Classes: Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00am and Friday 8am

Stretch and Strengthen: Tuesday 10:45 

Open Gym:

Warm Water Aquatic Fitness: M,W,F 12:00pm

No class Call 831-726-6493 for more information on joining.

Adapted Physical Activity and Senior Fitness

Senior Workout

Adapted Physical Activity is a specialized service delivery promoting an active, healthy lifestyle for individuals of all ages, abilities and disabilities. Through interdisciplinary blends of knowledge, physical activity and teaching modalities participants’ perceptual motor skills, functional capacity and quality of life are enhanced. FFTC staff members have hands on experience serving hundreds of individuals with physical disabilities including: degenerative joint disease, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, amputees, visually impaired, hearing impaired and many more. All participants must have medical approval/clearance to participate in any exercise program. We provide fitness prescription and training programs for those who are unable to access our community facility and need assistance in their home with adapted fitness training. Participants needing attendants and aides assisting them with transfers and ADL’s, attendants and aides must be present during training sessions.

FFTC offers Family Fitness and Senior programs Call 831-726-6493 for more information.

One-on-one personal training

One on One Personal training will help you to achieve your ultimate level of health and fitness conditioning. You will do it more quickly, safely, and conveniently than you ever thought possible. FFTC Personal Trainer will design a program just for you. You will be motivated, encouraged and monitored with every move. you will gain total confidence in reaching your fitness goals and gain knowledge about what it takes to improve your quality of life.

You can choose your own workout times to meet your busy schedule. Learn to use your time more efficiently. Quality is better than quantity. Your physical and mental capacities will soar to a new level and you will gain more confidence in everything you do.

Small group personal training

Individuals participate in small groups consisting of 2-5 participants, progressing at your own pace. You can join one of our established groups or develop your own group. This is a fun way to exercise, motivate and reduce costs. This program includes body weight exercises, resistance training, isometrics, flexibility and agility training. Significant emphasis is placed on multi-join movements with a focus on developing shoulder, hip mobility, core strength and stability. With FFTC there are never any contracts or extra monthly membership fees. You pay only for the days when you train.

Sport Training

Sport Specific Training

Whatever your sport, FFTC provides a biomechanical analysis of the movements and exercises needed for you, the athlete, to compete at your very best. Exercise programs are tailored specifically for each individual and specific sport ensuring safe exercise progression. Strength, timing, balance, mental focus, fluidity, flexibility, agility, speed, quickness and explosive power will all be addressed and improved. Call 831-726-6493 for more information on getting started.

Nutritional Guidance programs

FFTC provides nutritional guidance for people who want to learn the components of a healthy diet, how to lose the weight the healthy way and for people who want to increase muscle mass and size. FFTC will customize a program that best meets

Corporate Health & Fitness

FFTC also offers corporate fitness programs. If your company is interested in starting a corporate fitness program, FFTC offers consultation, work safety programs, group classes and individual personal training programs. Call 831-726-6493 for more information on starting or improving your existing corporate fitness program.

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