“In the 2 years that I have worked with Brian Orozco’s Functional Fitness Training, I have been happier and more mobile than I thought have been possible. I have a sports injury that specialists said would prevent me from serious exercise… Brian came to the rescue. His methods and techniques work. He also knows how to balance gentleness and motivation… a pleasure to work with.”

Beth Pittenger

“Functional Fitness Training Center provided me with real life health and fitness benefits by incorporating sound, safe training principles based on assessment of my specific needs. I learned postural awareness, proper biomechanics and efficient three dimensional movement patterns. This helped me to properly coordinate and fire muscle groups to work together increasing my strength, speed, explosive power, agility, flexibility, stability, endurance, neuromuscular efficiency…everything I need to maximize my peak performance. I highly recommend training with Brian Orozco at FFTC.”

Joseph Miller

“I started as a student of Brian’s in 2003 in the Adaptive Physical Education program at Cabrillo College. I was impressed with his superior teaching abilities…A year later I encountered Brian again as a means of extending my post-surgery physical therapy…2005 I worked with Brian individually and in a chair-exercise class…I encountered Brian again in 2007, this time as a client in his new Functional Fitness Training Center. I am currently working with him in an aquatics exercise class, a stretch, strength and balance class, and a circuit-training class. I feel that my working with Brian Orozco has greatly improved my mobility, balance, coordination, strength, and stamina…I have observed and reflected upon a number of qualities and attributes which make him a superior teacher and trainer. First is his comprehensive working knowledge of human anatomy and physiology…More importantly, Brian deomonstrates this knowledge at every training session. Beyond his knowledge…is his mastery of exercise and training techniques. I am impressed with his vast repertory of exercises and therapies. He seems to possess an inexhaustible “bag of tricks”…As a teacher myself, I am tremendously impressed with his mastery of the teaching craft..He is always sensitive to the needs, both physical and emotional, of his students. He has a grand way of instilling confidence in his students, along with fostering a sense of mutual reinforcement in his students. He individualizes instruction, catering to the special neeeds of his students. I think this is a result of his wide and varied professional experience, ranging from working with pre-school children, elementary-school students with special needs, at-risk teenagers, and older people with special needs such as myself (I have had multiple hip and knee surgeries, and I have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure). Most important of all, in my opinion, is that Brian Orozco demonstrates a sincere respect and caring for his students and for his chosen profession. He is indeed a winner!”

Rudy Pedulla

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