Programs Offered:

Adapted Physical Activity

Our center provides high caliber, research based, physical activity, fitness and sport training programs for individuals of all ages, abilities, disabilities and disabling health conditions. The Adapted Fitness programs are supervised by qualified certified specialists in Adapted Physical Activity providing safety, structure and customized exercise programs based on individual needs assessment.

Adapted Physical Activity is a specialized service delivery promoting an active, healthy lifestyle for individuals of all ages, abilities and disabilities. Through interdisciplinary blends of knowledge, physical activity and teaching modalities participants’ perceptual motor skills, functional capacity and quality of life are enhanced. FFTC staff members have hands on experience serving hundreds of individuals with physical disabilities including: degenerative joint disease, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, amputees, visually impaired, hearing impaired and many more.

All participants must have medical approval/clearance to participate in any exercise program. We provide fitness prescription and training programs for those who are unable to access our community facility and need assistance in their home with adapted fitness training. Participants needing attendants and aides assisting them with transfers and ADL’s, attendants and aides must be present during training sessions.

Senior Health & Fitness

Our senior health and fitness programs are medically approved by the participant’s family physician. Exercise programs are based on assessment of participant’s individual needs, scientific research, knowledge of the aging process and disabling conditions. Exercise programs are designed by qualified certified professionals providing education and safety throughout the training sessions maximizing improvements of cognitive performance, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, gait, endurance and functional capacity. Programs are delivered individually, in small group settings, classes and in the privacy of your home. Exercise programs are designed to promote independence and quality of life.

Family Fitness/Lifetime development

FFTC provides lifetime developmental age appropriate exercises for entire families to exercise and participate together. FFTC has extensive experience in Adapted Physical Activity programs providing exercises programs for people of all ages in different generations exercising and participating together. A great way to have fun, to have family bonding, get fit and develop lifetime healty habbits.

Nutritional Guidance programs

FFTC provides nutritional guidance for people who want to learn the components of a healthy diet, how to lose the weight the healthy way and for people who want to increase muscle mass and size. FFTC will customize a program that best meets your individual nutritional needs.

Sport Performance

Athletes want to improve speed, power, agility, reaction time and mental focus. Functional Fintess Training Center provides high caliber, proven, scientific based training programs based on assessment of athletes sport specific needs to ensure maximum progress and neuromuscular gains. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, FFTC’s proven training programs will meet your needs.

Corporate Health Fitness

FFTC also offers corperate fitness programs. California Grey Bears Inc. is an example of our senior corporate fitness program. Classes are offered by Grey Bears Monday 9:00am and Wednesday at 10:00am. If your company is interested in starting a corporate fitness programm, FFTC offers consultation, work safety programs, group classes and individual personal training programs. Call 831-722-6240 for more information on starting or improving your existing corperate fitness program.